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Angel Donors

We appreciate our  "Angel" donors, whether they drop off a bag of clothes or donate thousands of dollars.  Each donor is one of our "angels" on earth doing a good deed that can change a life.  Please know that your donation is making a connection with another human, not just a drop-off.  We are going one-on-one inspiring and clothing those in need.


This is not to be taken lightly in your donation, one pair of shoes can make a child's whole week at school, maternity clothes can help a pregnant mom feel good, and baby clothes are a necessity!  A donated prom dress can help a teen whose parents can't afford a new dress.  A men's suit can help a struggling college student secure a job.  A pair of good shoes for a homeless man walking in wooded areas is priceless.  If you personally donate dollars, know that it will be used to cover overhead costs, purchase new clothing at garage sales, transport items, and help with special needs people that may walk in the door.  If you are a business donating, know that we offer full disclosure and transparency where every penny is spent.  We offer a couple of ways to donate - have a look at the options below and pick the method that works best for you. 

1. Click here for Paypal 

2. Venmo: @AngelFoundation

3.  Check - You can send Check Donations made out to;

Angel Clothing Foundation

112 South Clairborne Road

Olathe, Kansas 66062

Please make a note of the transaction for the Angel Clothing Foundation

include your name, address, and phone number for 

Tax deduction receipt


Thanks in advance!

In Person

112 S. Clairborne Road

Olathe, KS 66062

9am to 4pm - Wed & Thurs

Ways to Donate

Over the Phone

By Email

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